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Gunnebo Anja Industrier AS

The Norwegian Forging Specialist
The company was established in 1918 as Andr. Jacobsen AS and is located on an island close to Bergen on the Norwegian west coast. The firm has grown to become the leading Scandinavian manufacturer of forged shackles and riggingscrews. Other main product lines are general forgings and The Gunnebo Lifting product range.
The manufacturing program is constantly developed to meet our customers varying demands. Thus the company stands out as single point supplier.
The products are made from a range of steel qualities, including stainless acid proof steel and high grade alloy steel to comply with the most stringent specifications. Our workshops comprise all facilities and systems for the manufacturing and control of top quality products. This include tool design, advanced tool shop, forging, heat
threatment, machining, hot dip galvanizing and quality control.
As a proof of our consistant work to maintain a high standard of quality the company is certified in accordance with the ISO 9001-2000 standard. The company was bought by Gunnebo in 2001 and changed name to Gunnebo-Anja Industrier AS.

Working Load Limit (WLL) = The maximum load a component or lifting assembly is authorized to take in general use under straight pull. The WLL is often known as Safe Working Load (SWL).
Proofload (PL) = The maximum load applies when prooftesting a component or lifting assembly. The tested item may not show visible permanent deformation after proofloading.
Minimum Breaking Load (MBL) = The minimum load under straight pull at which the component or lifting assembly may break.
Safetyfactor (S.F.) = The ratio between the MBL divided by WLL, for instance 6,0
Shockload = A resulting load from impact or jerk of a static load. A shockload is generally much larger than the static load and great care should be taken to avoid such hazardous loads.

Product documentation
Upon request at time of order, load rated products can be supplied with
• Alternative documentation.
• Work certificate acc. EN 10204 - 2.1
• Certificate of basic rawmaterial acc. EN 10204 - 3.1
• Proof load certificate
• Tracable rawmaterial / inspection certificate acc. EN 10204 - 3.1

Approval by official classification offices can be arranged

Gunnebo shackles which can be supplied with a workcertificate are normally
marked with:
• Working Load Limit (metric tons)
• The manufacturer´s logo
• Tracability code
• Grade of steel
• CE mark confirm conformity with the Machinery Directive

Within the lifting tackle industry onshore and offshore there is a growing awareness and concern about product safety and reliability.
In Europe this is also expressed in The Machinery Directive 89/392/EEC and later amendments which further highlights the responsibility of the manufacturer, distributor and end user of lifting gear.
Gunnebo shackles are specified, monitored and documented in compliance with the most stringent requirements for the product concerned. A certified ISO 9001-2000 system is an evidence of our quality standard.
We appreciate the trust shown us when specifying, ordering and using Gunnebo shackles.
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